Austin Texas Personal Injuries and Death Stalk Construction Sites

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Danger is ever-present at construction sites, no matter how safe they are. Always be alert for danger.

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) May 7, 2010 – It goes without saying that construction worksites are considered to be accidents looking to happen at any time. No

Robert W. Lee Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

Robert W. Lee - Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

matter how safe people are, how cautious they may be or how well the site is maintained, the sheer nature of the work means personal injuries may be just around the corner.

Heavy machinery, industrial tools, raw materials, questionable scaffolding, open holes in buildings, the presence of electrical outlets and power lines – all these things are wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting for a chance to strike.

“Many of the accidents that happen on a job site tend to be related to the fact that someone was negligent. Whether that means an improperly maintained crane boom, a shaky scaffold not regularly inspected before every shift, or a gaping hole on the 4th floor that someone may fall through if they back up unexpectedly, accidents can and do happen quite frequently on the job,” recounted Austin personal injury attorney Beverly Aylmer of The Lee Law Firm.

For people who have been injured on a construction site, there is the likelihood that they may be able to file a personal injury claim against a third-party and Workers’ Compensation. While you may think you don’t need a lawyer to help you because everything will be taken care of, it’s a smart proactive move to speak to an experience attorney about these kinds of claims. We’ve handled a fair number, and the workers were getting nothing but the run around,” added Aylmer.

Common injuries on the job are things like head injuries, joint dislocations, severe gashes, burn injuries, severed nerves and amputations. Of course, none of these injuries are easy to deal with and many of them may result in permanent damage and lifelong care for the victim.

“Even if you do follow the rules and regulations relating to safety on the job and wear your helmet, you need to know that it won’t protect you from a heavy impact. This may result in a coma, concussion, traumatic brain injury or death,” outline Aylmer.

When it comes to dislocating a joint, nothing is more excruciating and long-term. An injury like that may take someone out of the picture for quite some time before they are able to return to work – if ever. These injuries can be touch and go. On the other hand, severe gashes may result in infection, which poses a serious threat on its own.

Burn injuries are also quite common and not just electrical burns, but ones resulting from chemicals or fire. Healing in cases involving burns is always a long drawn out and painful affair that may, depending on the severity of the burn(s), require skin graft surgery.

Without going into more detail about the other kinds of accidents that happen on work sites, suffice it to say that if someone has been injured at work, they should speak with an Austin personal injury lawyer with a track record in third-party construction accident claims. “The attorney will be able to estimate the economic value of the injuries and tell you if you are entitled to file a claim for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and future lost wages,” advised Aylmer.

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