Collaborative Divorce Process Mitigates the Emotional Damages of a Divorce

Raleigh “Lee” Greene



Divorce can be taxing, both emotionally and financially. It can be a long and drawn-out legal process that leaves one or more parties angry with a final settlement for years to come.

St. Petersburg, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 10, 2010 – It doesn’t always have to be quite so difficult, however. One option that some former couples have found to be successful is the Collaborative Divorce Process.

Raleigh “Lee” Greene

Raleigh “Lee” Greene

What Is It?

“The Collaborative Divorce Process is a unique family law process in which both clients and attorneys enter into a binding agreement, committing themselves to fairly resolving all issues without court intervention,” said St. Petersburg-based attorney Raleigh “Lee” Greene. “Both attorneys are to withdraw from the case when a settlement is reached.”

Without contested litigation, the approach says, both parties are making a serious commitment to a settlement process. The result can often be more civil and less expensive.

The Collaborative Divorce Process saves money by avoiding court intervention but also through the hiring of joint neutral professionals.

“That applies to CPAs, real estate experts and child psychologists, who advise both parties regarding the valuation of closely held businesses, commercial or residential properties, and guidance on your ongoing role as a parent,” Greene said. “These experts work for both parties as opposed to being hired guns.”

Proponents of the Collaborative Divorce Process also say it can mitigate any emotional damage caused by a divorce, too. Reducing the amount of hard feelings between two formerly married adults can help improve relations when children are involved.

“I’m confident that a few years from now you will want to be present at your child’s graduation or wedding, with the other parent, in a cordial and respectful manner,” Greene said. “Believe me, it’s what your children want.”

Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new approach to divorces. According to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the foundational ideas were developed in the 1980s.

The Collaborative Divorce Process attempts to create less of an adversarial situation. Information and professionals are shared and communication is meant to be open.

Of course, The Collaborative Divorce Process is not a cakewalk. It is still important that participants hire an attorney who can fairly and aggressively negotiate for their particular needs and wants.

But The Collaborative Divorce Process can make divorce, often a difficult matter, a little less so. If considering The Collaborative Divorce Process, it is important to contact an experienced attorney. For more information, visit the IACP website at on the web.

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