Camping Stoves Recalled in the United States and Canada

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) January 31, 2011 – Texas has once again landed in the top spot for the nation for having the priciest home owner’s insurance premiums.There seems to be no end in sight to the number of product recalls faced by American consumers. Dangerous products have virtually taken the marketplace by storm.

In what seems like a several page laundry list of product recalls, yet another one has been announced, involving camping stoves and equipment. This time, the stated hazard is the possibility of fire due to a damaged fuel line and/or O-rings.

The recall will ensnare about 5,300 camping stoves and other equipment in the U.S. and at least another 24,000 in Canada. Katadyn North America is doing the right thing by stepping up and calling back a product with the potential to seriously harm or kill someone. One may wonder why the product got to market before anyone discovered there was this kind of problem with it. This particular product recall deals with more than just the camping stoves; it recalls the stove’s fuel pump and spare parts and repair kits.

“You have to be asking yourself what on earth went wrong in the manufacturing process to affect over 29,000 products. It’s a serious glitch to discover after the fact that the fuel line and/or O ring were damaged and could harm someone. We’d better hope that all those people who bought this stove are informed about the recall, because if they don’t know about it, the manufacturer, despite the recall, may still be liable for any injuries consumers may sustain,” said Robert W. Lee, an Austin personal injury attorney with The Lee Law Firm.

The Optimus Nova and Nova+ are black and about 6 inches in diameter and 3 ½ inches tall and capable of handling different types of fuel. Serial numbers, located on the side of the stove, are QA000011 through QA007313. Pumps and spare parts kits, sold separately, bear the numbers 80163051, 8520, 80176321 and 8511 right on the package.

“If you have been injured by using this product, give my office a call. I will walk you through what your rights are as they relate to dangerous/defective products. If you have a personal injury claim and chose to hire my services, I would be pleased to work with you. Manufacturers who sell defective products need to be held accountable for their rush to market with a product that has the potential to harm or kill someone,” Lee said.

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