Defective Product Claims and Unsafe Foods are on the Rise

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Not a day goes by when the news does not carry word of yet another defective product. One wonders what happened to the reliable way things used to be made.

Albuquerque, NM (Law Firm Newswire) January 4, 2011 – While there is no question that the world today is a place where anyone can get anything just about instantaneously, there is an inherent problem with that. More often than not, with the instant gratification most consumers demand, comes shoddy products; defective products that can cause us untold grief in the form of injury or death.

People do not stop and wonder if the product they are about to buy is going to hurt or maim them. They buy it, take it home and use it. If that product happens to be defective, the story may have a different ending. The stunning magnitude of the kinds of items that can be defective or contaminated is enough to make many consumers choose what they purchase very carefully.

“The more common examples that we see in the news are pet foods, sandwich meats, eggs, foul, tomatoes, spinach, farming implements, snow blowers, chain saws, airbags, seatbelts, tires and even cars. The mass production of items for consumption has made people’s lives easier and yet more complicated and dangerous at the same time. Defective products can harm anyone, anytime. Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have questions about a product that may have harmed you,” added Scott Atkinson, a New Mexico injury lawyer with the Atkinson Law Firm, Ltd.

Perhaps one of the most troubling trends in defective product news and recalls, deals with items made for children. “This area is a parent’s nightmare and puts them on hyper alert when they need to buy things like strollers, car seats, toys and cribs. Unfortunately, many of these kinds of products are not made in the USA any longer, and it appears that not only has the quality suffered, but the safety has taken a drastic nosedive for the worse,” commented Atkinson.

The other major problem with defective products is that people don’t know they are defective and or dangerous until they get them home. If the product amputates a child’s finger, burns an unsuspecting person’s face, explodes and someone loses an eye or accelerates suddenly for no reason and slams into a tree, the victim is along for the ride without any warning.

“As you may imagine, some of the consequences of handling defective products are not pretty. That’s why if you’re in a situation like this, if you choose to discuss the matter with me, I can outline your rights and any possible compensation you may be entitled to from the company responsible,” Atkinson emphasized.

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