Georgia Civil Law Statutes Protect Personal Injury Victims

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Atlanta, GA (Law Firm Newswire) February 2, 2011 – Many states, including Georgia, have civil law statutes that protect individuals injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in a car accident or hurt as a result of someone’s failure to act to remedy a dangerous situation on their premises.

“Just because there are laws on the books that protect people in certain situations, does not automatically mean the situation they find themselves in will come under the umbrella of that particular law. It is only through consulting with an experienced lawyer that people will be able to understand what their rights are, how a case is put together and what they may expect, if they have a case and it goes to court,” said Robert Webb, an Atlanta personal injury attorney with Webb & D’Orazio in Georgia.

Car wrecks are the leading personal injury cases that injury lawyers deal with frequently. It is not hard to guess why that happens to be the case, as those involved in a wreck are often quite seriously hurt by another’s negligence.

The laws in most states are designed to see to it that the victim(s) are able to pay medical bills and deal with the financial fallout of repairing or replacing their vehicle. This sounds idyllic in theory, but the fly in the ointment is the insurance company.

An insurance company’s sole reason for being is to make money insuring others. To that end, because they take the risks, they want to keep their bottom dollar paid out as low as possible. This means people involved in car wrecks often find themselves in the midst of a dispute over the seriousness of their injuries. This is where a personal injury lawyer makes a difference to their claims.
Insurance companies wanting to diminish or deny accident injury claims is nothing new. However, when someone has been injured, they expect they will get good treatment from their insurer. “That isn’t always the case, and in fact, without a lawyer on your side, sticking up for you and your ‘legal’ rights, you may just get run over and short-changed,” Webb said.

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