Single Dads Deserve Praise and Legal Guidance During the Divorce Process

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Zephyrhills, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 6, 2011 – As Father’s Day is just around the corner, Alston & Baker, P.A. wants to give kudos to fathers who are raising their children solo and keeping the family happy and healthy. Dads can be fantastic providers and role models for their children. Yet oftentimes the stressors of a divorce can bring out the worst emotions and actions as the two adults untangle their lives. Parents should focus on what’s best for their children, not hatred of their ex.

“A divorce can have long-term negative effects on children if a parent isn’t mindful of how they speak with the ex and children,” said Zephyrhills divorce attorney Marcie Baker at Alston & Baker, P.A.

Kids should not be subjected to adults bickering, rehashing past wrongdoing, or finger pointing. Every moment that a parent is interacting with the ex should be viewed as a business-like transaction, especially if the child is nearby or within earshot. Being respectful, listening, problem solving, and focusing on the present can go a long way to keeping the household a positive environment for the children.

Parents should be careful to not make the children messengers to the other parent or detectives to ferret out information. Adults should resist the urge to make their kids carry out these actions as the consequences can be damaging. Likewise, all financial and legal matters are adult conversations that kids do not need to be involved in. When the kids have a concern about the other parent, they should be encouraged to speak about it directly with the other parent. Even though the parents are divorced, they should keep each other aware of any concerns the kids are raising when it is appropriate.

“Don’t forget about letting the kids and other parent be aware of any big changes that can happen as the years go by,” Baker said. “Changing jobs, moving, even new school schedules should be discussed openly so that everyone can prepare and modify their routine.”

Children benefit from having both parents in their life when possible and are reassured when there is positive communication and an open forum to discuss their feelings and reactions. This will help children remain the number one priority in the parenting agreement.

Zephyrhills divorce lawyer Marcie Baker has represented clients for more than eight years for all their family law concerns. She is well versed in parenting agreements, child and spousal support, child custody, enforcement, and divorce matters.

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