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Some larger branding solutions include a focus group made up of people that have used a lawyer in the client's practice area to review the proposed logo and marketing material.



Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) August 29, 2011 As law firms enhance their image or embrace larger marketing campaigns, it is important that they have a recognizable logo. Law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm, has added logo design plans to help both small practices and large firms.

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Some larger branding solutions include a focus group made up of people that have used a lawyer in the client's practice area to review the proposed logo and marketing material.

The company that wants to build a bigger law firm now offers complete law firm branding solutions. SEO | Law Firm has provided logo design and branding services in the past but now offers three levels for firms to choose from.

When law firms embark on an expanded legal marketing strategy with a mix of outdoor marketing, television, radio, and online campaigns, they quickly discover that a couple of authoritative names and an ampersand do not create a memorable brand for their prospective clients. While lawyers may be tempted to pick up a $50 stock logo from one of the many international outfits, SEO | Law Firm notes that a cookie cutter logo is essentially the identical thing as having the same name as a competing law firm.

Adviatech’s SEO | Law Firm has made their mark on the industry by providing customized lawyer websites that stand out and embrace modern design elements with visitor conversion as the top priority. The new lawyer branding solutions are executed with the same attention to detail as the company’s other design services.

Adviatech’s Art Director Kristen Friend has spent much of this year organizing the branding services and coming up with tailored solutions. “We want lawyers to fully embrace branding,” she said. “Having the right logo and consistent brand can make a law firm easy to remember, otherwise you are easily forgotten. You have to pay attention to your market and keep your target clientèle in mind when having a brand developed for your firm.”

Smaller law firms and solo practicing attorneys can take advantage of SEO | Law Firm’s affordable entry-level branding services and the vast branding experience of the company’s design team.

Large law firms can now access a high-end service that comes with a lot of extras. Under a new custom package, SEO | Law Firm does detailed demographic research on the firm’s practice area as well as the firm’s most common client base. Then they use input from the law firm and information learned from the demographic report to create a series of logo design options as well as potential billboards and marketing literature.

SEO | Law Firm then utilizes a focus group made up of individuals that have used a lawyer in the same practice area as the branding client. The size of the group will depend on the needs of the law firm. In the company’s conference room, the focus group reviews the logos, print literature, billboard comps and other designs, and conducts a review. The design comps can use a generic name if the firm wishes to remain anonymous to the focus group.

The focus group participants are also asked a series of questions about how they felt when looking for an attorney. By understanding the emotional state and mindset of a law firm’s target client, SEO | Law Firm is able to design a logo that speaks to the firm’s prospective clients with precision.

The focus group platform is also available for website design services.

SEO | Law Firm is the first lawyer marketing company to offer a third party focus group option in their branding services.

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