Foreclosure Filings Still a Concern in Tampa Bay

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Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 28, 2011 – Recent reports show that foreclosure filings are still affecting many people in Florida and Tampa Bay. In June and July, more than 6,100 people were given initial foreclosure notices. This shows an increase in foreclosures from previous months in 2011 and leads experts to warn about a second wave of foreclosures that could hamper local real estate values.

The nightly local news has been showing that some foreclosures are due to homeowner association dues being egregiously past due, and the HOA wanting to take action. Other homeowners cannot legitimately afford to be in their home and have just walked away. And others have been incorrectly foreclosed on and were not made aware until it was too late.

“More and more we are seeing that people need foreclosure defense to help people stay in their homes,” said Brandon foreclosure defense attorney Reginald Osenton, of Osenton Law Offices.

Foreclosure defense provides homeowners with legal expertise to work with their bank to modify the loan and minimize any deficiencies the bank would want to put on their credit history. As courthouses are still backed up and banks scrambling to ensure their foreclosure notices are not robo-signed, homeowners should seek action as soon as they start to have a hard time paying their mortgage.

“You do not deserve to be a victim in a foreclosure case,” said Osenton. “We will make sure the lender followed all the rules of the Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.”

Getting foreclosure defense early on can greatly affect a person’s livelihood for many years to come. Banks can levy wage garnishments, deficiencies, liens on other assets, and garnish bank accounts if a homeowner does nothing to protect themselves.

Osenton Law Offices counsels clients to uphold and protect their rights during the difficult foreclosure process. They will take every step to keep a homeowner in their home, make sure the laws are upheld, and minimize financial harm to an individual. Brandon foreclosure defense lawyer Reginald Osenton has more than 20 years of law experience in real estate and bankruptcy matters.

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