Highway Worker Killed by Pickup Truck Driver

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 29, 2011 – It was a normal day at work, until a pickup slammed into one of the road workers.

“It is a no brainer that if you are driving in a construction zone, you slow down and reduce your speed,” said Austin personal injury attorney Robert W. Lee, of The Lee Law Firm. “The lives of the people working there depend on you to follow the rules. In this tragic case, a man in a pickup truck lost control of his vehicle, hit the highway crew’s truck, the message board trailer, and a worker standing just outside the truck. When medical help arrived on the scene, the worker was pronounced dead.”

The man was only 19 years old, and had his whole life in front of him before he was killed. He was working with a highway crew retrieving traffic control devices off the highway so he could earn some money to go back to school. And the driver that hit him? “No one had a good reason why the pickup truck driver veered off the road and killed the young man standing outside the truck. The police will be conducting an investigation into that.”

Any time a young driver goes off the road for unexplained reasons, one of the first things that typically comes to mind is that the driver was texting. Given the proliferation of cellphones and their improper usage, this is not a far-fetched guess. It seems like people have lost touch with the realities of driving safely and paying attention to the road. Keeping in touch with others has replaced commonsense to the point that even people who text and talk on a cellphone while walking are getting killed.

“It is insane, and unfortunately, becoming more common with every new cellphone release,” said Lee. “What happened to people driving carefully? Since when has deciding what to order for dinner more important than driving safely?” asked Lee.

For those who have been in an accident where the other driver was on a cellphone or texting while driving, consulting an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer is critical. Negligence is the key factor in proving a personal injury case, and if the accident involves driver distraction, the case stands a good chance of winning in court.

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