New iPhone App From Portland Injury Lawyers at Shulman DuBois LLC is a Great Resource for Car Accident Victims

Accident SideKick iPhone App



Portland, OR (Law Firm Newswire) September 26, 2011 – If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know how helpless and overwhelming it can make you feel. With the new Car Accident SideKick phone app, a lot of the stress is taken away and the errors we make under duress, like forgetting to ask crucial information, are eliminated.

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Car Accident SideKick iPhone App

A new free phone application, launched last week by the American Lawyer Academy, helps car accident victims when they need it – on the scene. The Accident SideKick is now available on the iPhone.

Portland personal injury law firm Shulman DuBois LLC, a pride member of the American Lawyer Academy, is announcing that anyone who downloads the app before March 31, 2012 will be automatically entered to win an iPad 2, a $600 Nordstrom Gift Card, a Playstation 3 Bundle with Move or an Xbox 360 Bundle with Kinect. One winner will be chosen.

This new app will assist anyone who is in a car, truck, bike, motorcycle, or even pedestrian accident. You will want to make sure that all your friends and family have this app BEFORE they need it. Parents: new drivers especially will appreciate knowing what to do if they have never been in an accident before.

The Car Accident SideKick app features include:

Step-by-Step Accident Checklist: what to do immediately after the collision
Emergency Tools: GPS hospital locator, flashlight, camera, etc.
Real-Time Accident Report Forms: collect the data you need from other drivers
Insurance Claim Filing: send accident info. to your insurance without having to call
Record Keeping: keep your car and insurance information handy at all times
Helpful Speed Dial: call a tow truck, taxi, lawyer, or 911 with one button

In 2009, there were about 31,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And this number doesn’t include all the accidents where people were injured. The Accident SideKick is a tool that all drivers should have, just in case.

About the American Lawyer Academy and Shulman DuBois LLC

Members of the American Lawyer Academy include law firms from all over the United States. This national organization strives to promote public education about legal issues and legal rights in all areas. Shulman DuBois LLC is proud to be a member of this organization to be helping to promote the Car Accident SideKick in Oregon.

Located in Oregon, Shulman DuBois LLC is a Southeast Portland personal injury law firm founded by partners Sean DuBois and Joshua Shulman in 2008. DuBois and Shulman have also written a book, 7 Common Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Oregon Accident Case, to help the public understand the personal injury process fully. For more information, visit

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