Individuals Should Be Aware Of Who Is Representing Them In Social Security Disability Claims

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Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 12, 2011 – Statistics show that individuals who are counseled by Social Security disability attorneys are more likely to win their disability claims. Disability applications and hearings are complex, time-intensive processes and without adequate legal representation a claim can be denied multiple times. Of growing concern are big law firms and advocate groups sending non-attorneys to Social Security hearings.

Non-attorneys and advocates do not have Florida Bar credentials and licenses, and most do not have law degrees and experience handling thousands of cases. Licensed attorneys will have the experience needed to know what the Social Security Administration needs for a winning claim. It is vital to have complete medical records to show the extent of a person’s disability and how it affects their daily life and work capabilities.

“Without representation, many people have errors when they first file,” said Brandon Social Security disability lawyer David W. Magann. “Insufficient evidence of disability, missed deadlines, and meeting all the guidelines is tough. People are better off when they get legal representation from the beginning to make their case as strong as possible.”

Should a disability claim get to the hearing stage, a Florida Social Security disability lawyer will prepare a solid presentation and enlist the right witnesses and evidence to make it crystal-clear to the judge why a claim should be awarded.

“Precious time can be wasted without a lawyer assisting your case, and every day you will still be dealing with the pain of your disability and more bills,” said Magann. “Social Security disability lawyers are only paid after your claim is awarded, so hiring them up front won’t hurt your pocketbook. A qualified Social Security disability lawyer can only help to make your claim significantly stronger.”

Individuals should diligently research the law firm and specific representative that will be filing their claim and going to the hearing with them. It is crucial to hire a professional lawyer and not a second-tier advocate who might not have all the credentials a claim deserves.

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