Unhappy Couples Do Have Resources to Prevent Divorce and Rekindle Marriage

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Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 26, 2011 – Brandon divorce attorney Joshua Law gets calls every week about couples unhappy with their marriage. Florida has the eighth highest divorce rate in the country, so it is not all that uncommon for the attorney to get calls at every stage of a breakup. He’s recently received calls and emails from individuals fed up with their spouse’s infidelity or reckless way with way finances, or distraught by their spouse’s lack of attention to their needs and the children. But he’s also had some calls where people just needed help to make their marriage better.

“We can help make your current situation better and assist the marital relationship to be stronger and more communicative,” said Law, who is a member of the Florida Bar and volunteers at Hillsborough County’s family law forms clinic. “Whether you need mediation or post-nuptial agreements to help your marriage get back on track, we are here for you.”

Attorney Law takes the perspective that if a person fell in love with their spouse once, the love and commitment can be rekindled. Any stressors that are causing the spouses to grow apart or bicker should be discussed. Everyone is faced with stressors due to social media, reality TV shows, and the constant need for gratification in our hyper-media culture.

“We cannot base our relationships on what we see happening with celebrities or how many people like us on Facebook,” said Law. “People are getting caught up by media, their jobs, and forget about what is truly happening in their relationships.”

At his Brandon practice at Osenton Law Offices, Joshua Law has seen the benefits of couples who decide to work on their issues and renew commitments to a better marriage.

“Sometimes people just need to think of the flipside of marriage and what the true realities of divorcing mean,” said Law. “Sole parenting, half the assets and finances, and having to get back on the dating circuit are tough realities after a divorce. If you can focus on the positive of your partner, we can try everything to keep you from being a divorce statistic.”

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