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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) December 2, 2011 – Drunk drivers just do not seem to realize that their actions behind the wheel have deadly consequences.

“I’ve been a lawyer for a long time and have seen my fair share of motorcycle crashes and car wrecks,” said Robert W. Lee, an Austin personal injury attorney at The Lee Law Firm. “But the accidents that disturb me the most are the ones that did not need to happen; the drunk drivers who take out a whole family in a car wreck or the inebriated idiot who plows into a biker because he was too drunk to see the stop sign he blew are inexcusable.”

Drunk driving cases can be the worst as there is an element of choice on the part of the drunk driver; the choice to drink, the choice to get drunk and the choice to drive while drunk. “Three strikes and you are out,” added Lee.

This reported case was yet another incident that should never have happened, but the driver thought he could handle his vehicle after some drinks and make it home safely. While the drunk driver did make it home in one piece after fleeing the scene of an accident that killed a biker, his life will forever be changed as a result of his choice to drink and drive.

The dead biker was only 45 years old, and had many more years to live, to be with his family and watch his kids grow up. The irresponsible drunk was 26 years old. He too has many years of life in front of him; a life he will still get to lead, which is something that cannot happen for the man who lost his life because booze fueled that driver’s actions prior to the collision.

“According to police investigation reports, this accident involved four vehicles and happened at 12.51 p.m.,” explained Austin personal injury attorney Lee. “Eyewitnesses to the wreck said they had seen a silver Honda erratically swerving all over the road and speeding up and then slowing down. It suddenly accelerated and rear-ended a car, which pushed into the biker’s ride. The motorcycle was jammed under the SUV in front of it.”

The Honda driver, with some realization that he had done something wrong, slammed his car into reverse, rapidly backed up and left the accident scene. What he did not realize was that when he hit the first vehicle, he lost his license plate, which was tracked back to his mother’s home. When the police caught up with the man, he was at his mother’s house. He was taken to the local detention center and held on a $750,000 bond.

“Here is where the story becomes even more dismaying,” added Lee. “The man said he ran away because he had his kids in the car with him. In other words, he was driving under the influence and had two children in the car. But, it gets worse yet. He confessed to the police that he used Klonopin, oxycodone and methadone. There is a recipe for a disaster on its own, but when mixed with alcohol, well, the consequences speak for themselves.”

Does the family of the dead biker have a claim to file a wrongful death lawsuit? “Most definitely they do. The behavior of the drunk driver in this case was completely egregious, and woefully reckless and negligent. The biker would still be alive today if the drunk driver had not made the decision to drive while intoxicated and on drugs. This is a case that cries for punitive justice,” Lee stated.

Accident victims that find themselves in a situation where they have been hurt by a drunk driver need to make their first phone call to an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer. There is no sense in trying to handle the fallout from the accident on their own, as victims will only end up dealing with cheap insurance companies who will try to minimize or deny any claims. Justice is only served when it gets a fair hearing in court.

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