Keeping Cool Over the Holidays Can Mean Keeping the Custody Agreement

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Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 20, 2011 – The holidays are without question the toughest time of year for newly divorced couples and the children of their broken marriage. In order to minimize the stress that comes with the holiday season both parents must often go above and beyond what they think is reasonable in order to keep the peace.

A fight with a former spouse during the holidays can cause more than an unhappy Christmas Eve. Sometimes that argument can have the unintended consequence of damaging the custody agreement.

“This is the time of the year that the hard work you have done establishing a solid communication network with your former spouse can unravel,” said Brandon family law attorney Joshua Law. “It is important to keep your head during the holidays when dealing with the other parent because everything that happens will come back up again the next time you revisit the custody agreement.”

Staying with the predetermined schedule is key. Show up on time to pick up the children and show up on time to drop them off. Be flexible when the parent who is caring for the children needs to move times around and do not badmouth the former spouse in front of the children, Law suggested.

“If you are difficult to work with over the holidays, then you may find yourself back at the table trying to arrange a custody agreement and your former spouse will use your holiday behavior against you,” Law said.

Being civil with the children’s other parent can mean keeping a favorable custody agreement or even getting a better one in some cases, he said.

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