January 2012 Could Be a Big Divorce Month As Economy Rebounds

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Zephyrhills, FL (Law Firm Newswire) January 9, 2012 – It is well-known in family law circles that January is the busiest month for divorce filings, but some are expecting January 2012 will be busier than the past few years because of the economy.

“As the economy has begun to turn around and the jobless rate has fallen a little, there may be more couples who can now afford to get the divorce they may have wanted some time ago,” said Zephyrhills divorce attorney Marcie Baker.

Januarys are often busy months for divorce filings because many couples delay the decision until after the holidays. If there are children involved, some parents will try to give the children one last holiday as a family and start the separation process the first week of the New Year. Even if there are no children in the marriage, the holidays can be stressful and sometimes they provide a “last straw” moment for couples. Consideration of taxes and the parties filing status on December 31 also influence the timing of many divorce filings. The tax breaks for a married couple filing jointly are often a significant consideration.

Baker said, “I don’t see couples using January as an excuse to file for divorce, but I see some couples who stretched things out to get through the holidays and to the end of they year.”

Web traffic indicates that people begin to seek out information regarding divorce during the week after Christmas, but since many offices are closed that week, the statistics show the first business day after New Years Day is often the busiest.

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