Workers Deserve Better Safety Initiatives and Worksite at Connecticut Cable Manufacturer




New Haven, CT (Law Firm Newswire) January 23, 2012 – Workplace safety was recently compromised at a Connecticut cable manufacturer in Pomfret. Electrical, mechanical, chemical, and fire as well as exit hazards were so severe that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has given Loos & Co. Inc. 29 violations and $177,000 in proposed fines. Some personnel were not adequately trained or had protective equipment as they worked around hazardous electrical areas.

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm Stratton Faxon

“Electrocution, injuries, hearing loss, and exits not readily available if there was a fire or other emergency has the potential to hurt and kill workers,” noted Connecticut industrial accident attorney Joel T. Faxon, of Stratton Faxon Law Firm. “Employers need to take preventative measures to provide safe work environments and assess their worksite for potential dangers.”

OSHA found electric receptacles were not grounded and electrical equipment was damaged and misused. Energy control procedures were not in place when machinery was serviced and unskilled workers were working on live electrical equipment with protective gear. Hazardous chemicals and excessive noise also posed a problem. And, shockingly, workers would have to go through high-hazards area if they needed to leave the plant due to an emergency.

“Companies should take an inward look at what they are doing to uphold quality, performance, and safety in the workplace,” said Faxon.

Their plant is 220,000 square feet and with such a long-standing operation, the company should have a worksite compliance and safety supervisor. At a minimum, workers should receive safety training, be given protective gear, and provided continuing education to know what to do in the event of an emergency.

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