Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Highlights Latest Challenges and Proposals to Expedite Foreclosure Process




Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) February 8, 2012 – Florida foreclosure defense attorney Tonya Willis Pitts, Esq. sees how the agonizingly slow foreclosure process negatively affects clients every day. Attorney Pitts oftentimes helps individuals or couples discharge their debt in a Florida bankruptcy, only to have to wait years for a foreclosure judgment.

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“Their fresh start is hindered and makes it close to impossible for them to qualify for a new home loan,” said Pitts, who is based as a Sarasota foreclosure defense lawyer for the law firm McIntyre, Panzarella, Thanasides, P.L. but travels to help clients in many Florida counties such as Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee. “The banks can be horribly slow and take years to foreclose on a home even when the home was surrendered in a bankruptcy. A couple might be two or three years out of their bankruptcy and have successfully reestablished their credit, but they will not qualify for a new home loan because many lenders require that the borrowers have a record of no foreclosure judgments within the past three years to qualify for a new home loan. The borrowers are stuck. My job is to help them avoid the pitfalls of the Florida foreclosure process.”

An estimated 368,000 foreclosure cases still need to be resolved throughout Florida’s courts. With the economy not drastically improving, new foreclosures are still happening every day. As banks are inefficient to handle the volume of delinquent mortgages, Pitts says it is critical to get legal representation so that the homeowner’s rights are upheld.

The Florida Legislature has numerous foreclosure-related bills on their schedule for 2012. In particular, the Florida House of Representatives is currently hearing HB 213, the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act. This act would help to expedite the foreclosure process and provide for finality of foreclosure.

“As we wait to see the backlog get processed and the timelines speed up, there are other strategies we can pursue to help consumers navigate through the foreclosure process,” said Pitts.

Attorney Tonya Willis Pitts, Esq. has more than a decade of experience fighting for consumer rights and has dedicated her practice to representing clients in bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and creditor harassment claims. She is the Co-Chair for the Sarasota County Bar Association Diversity Committee and involved in various other community activities.

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