Austin Personal Injury Attorney Suggests if Big Rigs Drove by Regulations Fewer Accidents Would Happen

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 21, 2012 – While it would be nice if 18-wheelers drove by the book, following all the rules of the road, it likely will not happen any time soon.

“Whatever trucks haul from point A to point B, they are the links that keep commerce in the country on a roll, and so they play an important part in our lives. They may also play a part in our death should one of them hit us while on the road,” added Robert W. Lee, an Austin personal injury attorney from The Lee Law Firm in Austin, Texas. “This is something that happens far more often than we care to think about.”

The most recent set of statistics available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that 33,803 occupants and 4,782 non-occupants (of a big rig) died on the road in 2009 as a result of being involved in an 18-wheeler accident. “Why are the numbers so high? There are a number of reasons, none of which are an excuse, but they tell you what the primary causes of accidents are, and typically it is a faulty vehicle or driver error,” Lee outlined.

To be fair, a faulty vehicle or driver error could also apply to other vehicles on the road with the trucker, but in large part, it is the trucker that causes the accident. Statistics bear that out, year after year. “And the causes of the carnage? The most common causes are driving while distracted, brake failure, tire blowouts or other malfunctions, side, head-on and rear end collisions, jack-knifing, driving while fatigued, using a cell phone, texting, watching a movie or TV while driving and speeding,” Lee detailed.

Knowing the causes of big rig accidents will not stop them from happening, but it will provide more information to other drivers on the road. Information like this is vital for other drivers to know, as it allows them to give the semis a wide berth when they are occupying the same stretch of highway. In other words, road safety information is critical for all drivers to know. Whether they choose to pay attention to it is another matter entirely.

Thousands are severely injured every year or die as a result of truck accidents, and someone has to be there to pick up the pieces. In most instances, that would be a highly skilled Austin personal injury lawyer. They know every step to take to protect the rights of their clients, work hard to secure them the compensation they need to live and ensure that justice is ultimately done.

“Truckers and the trucking industry need to realize that they have to clean up their act and do something to reduce the number of highway wrecks that kill. Instead of being motivated by money, try being motivated to protect the lives of innocent people and kids,” said Lee.

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