Republicans Need to be Active in Immigration Reform Says Miami Immigration Lawyer

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Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) March 12, 2012 – Immigration reform is a thorn in the nation’s side. No one has yet to remove it.

“Above the unholy din of politicians telling the world what they would do if they were elected floats the damning evidence of what some of the supposed frontrunners for President ‘really’ think about immigration. It’s chilling actually, and yet they continue to spout the rhetoric, supposing the voters won’t notice what they say does not match up with what they do later,” added Larry S. Rifkin, managing partner at Rikfin & Fox-Isicoff, an immigration law firm with Miami immigration lawyers and Orlando immigration lawyers.

Immigration is the holy grail for thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants in the nation, and yet, nothing has been done about the broken immigration system. Now, it is an election year, and all the nay-sayers are coming out of the woodwork with soothing words to lull the Latino voters into voting for them. Those saying they care about the nation’s illegal immigrants are doing all they can to make it sound like they will make things happen when they get elected.

“We’ve already seen how that does not work,” Rifkin remarked. “The stark reality is the politicians do not care about the suffering of the immigrant community. If they did, they would not be breaking up families with their deportation raids, or voting down things like the DREAM Act.” In other words, politicians are sayers and not doers, saying they will deal with immigration reform and make a difference, but instead, doing the exact opposite. “It isn’t like the Republicans don’t know the current immigration laws are not workable and that they end up dividing families, not reuniting them per the Immigration and Nationality Act,” he added.

The largest elephant in the room for this election campaign is the Republican party that is trying to tell those who vote Democrat will not have better lives. While their family member is being deported, a single parent can be left behind with three young children. “Sure, that will work to convince Hispanic voters the Republicans should be their choice at the polls,” Rifkin stated with a touch of irony.

The biggest test is how Spanish voters react in Nevada and Florida, states with significantly higher Latino populations. In fact, a quarter of Nevada is Hispanic and roughly 23 percent of Florida is Latino. Those are large numbers that can swing a winner at voting time. Does the current slate of candidates warm the hearts of Americans in relation to immigration?

Romney favors building a fence on the southern border and severely cracking the whip on companies hiring illegal aliens. Kris Kobach backs him. Kobach is the person who wrote Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070 and lawyers for FAIR, whose founder is racist John Tanton. None of this is good news.

Ron Paul also strongly favors a border that looks like a bomb bunker, with heightened security and never mind using UN mandates. In other words, he does not believe in amnesty in any form and is seeking to end birth right citizenship. Jon Huntsman wants the border kept secure, but when he was a governor, he harangued the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform. He is all over the political map on immigration.

Newt Gingrich wants border security in place, does not think any comprehensive plan will work, thinks criminals should not be granted citizenship over illegal residents and need to be sent home and that illegals should be legal but have no citizenship. He is another candidate with questionable goals, and a somewhat shaky grasp on reality by the sounds of it. And Rick Santorum wants even more fencing and detests guest worker programs, and thinks any foreign workers damage the fabric of the country, socially and economically.

“And the winner is? Who knows, but it’s clear that no one seems to ‘get’ that if they want to win, they need to offer an olive branch to the Latino vote,” Rifkin insisted.

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