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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) May 31, 2012 – One way to reduce motorcycle accidents is to be more aware of all the traffic present in the area. Paying attention could save a biker’s life.

“This accident was one of those things that tend to happen far too often when riding a motorcycle. Car drivers just do not see the bikers and often turn right in front of them. Without nowhere else to go but into the side of the vehicle, many a biker, and their passengers, have been gravely injured and/or killed,” recounted Bobby Lee, an Austin personal injury attorney of The Lee Law Firm in Austin, Texas.

In this accident, an 18-year-old young man was heading eastbound on the highway, when he made a left-hand turn directly into the path of a motorcycle heading west. The 2009 Honda had two people aboard, the 27-year-old biker and his 30-year-old passenger. Both were ejected from the bike on impact, and while the woman was wearing a helmet, the man was not. Both were taken to hospital for treatment of extremely serious injuries.

Riding a motorcycle is perhaps one of the most dangerous things anyone can do these days, short of bungee jumping with a frayed rope. There are way too many things that can go wrong when riding, and the fact is that it is bikers are prone to more serious injuries, because they are so exposed and lack any real protection.

Do the biker and his passenger have a case to take to court? Based on the evidence that the Jeep driver did not pay attention and be careful to look out for other drivers, yes, he does. It is a driver’s duty to drive with due care and attention, and if they fail to live up to that duty, they are held responsible for the consequences, such as paying medical bills, lost wages or damages for a wrongful death.

“Accidents like this one need the presence of an experienced lawyer, particularly if you want justice and a fair settlement or court award. Never leave the details of a motorcycle accident up to the insurance company. You have already been worked over once, you don’t need to be worked over twice by an agent wanting to reduce your claim as much as they can,” added Lee. “If you need help, call me. Let’s talk.”

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