Construction Season Can Mean Dangerous Conditions Around Buildings and Streets

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Brunswick, GA (Law Firm Newswire) June 6, 2012 – As summer kicks in, building owners are more likely to have constructions teams out doing property maintenance and even renovation projects. Warmer months outside the rainy season provide the greatest opportunity for owners and municipalities to get the most work done in the shortest amount of time.

Those construction projects can create a hazard, though and work sites can be dangerous for pedestrians walking past or employees trying to get back and forth to work. Construction crews are obligated to put up warning signs and rope off dangerous areas to help keep people from getting hurt.

“Many slip and fall accidents or other injuries happen near work sites that have not been made safe,” said Brunswick dangerous property lawyer Nathan Williams. “It is important to call a personal injury attorney immediately following the accident so that photos can be take of the scene to determine whether enough was done to warn foot traffic. I recommend the victim even take photos with their phone of what the scene looked like when the accident occurred.”

There are many things that need to be investigated in workplace accident cases and construction site accidents are no different. There needs to be some evidence that the building owner or the construction company was negligent and put people in harm’s way. A hole without a barrier, a stack of construction materials in the middle of a walkway or even a puddle of standing water left behind after a landscaping project can be negligent behavior on the part of the building owner.

“The bottom line is that construction project must be clearly marked so that employees and pedestrians are sufficiently warned of danger,” Williams said. “Without clearly marking a safety hazard, there can be potential for real safety risk. Construction season can often brink more risks as crews set up to do projects.”

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