Tire Separation Can Make Driving Deadly, Cautions Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer

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Brunswick, GA (Law Firm Newswire) October 17, 2012 – A tire tread separation was the cause of a multiple car accident that claimed the life of an El Paso, Texas man.

The incident was just one of numerous high-profile tire separation accidents this summer.

While regular tire maintenance is a routine part of tractor-trailer care, accidents due to tire failure still can occur. Accidents caused by tread separation, tire blowouts and tire failure, and can happen when one or more tires has a design flaw, or were manufactured with a defect. A tire failure can mean loss of control for the driver, which may cause veering into oncoming traffic, over-correcting, and rollover accidents. Tire failure can lead to personal injury or even fatalities, especially when driving a tractor-trailer on highways and at higher speeds.

The hot weather conditions experienced across the U.S. this summer and specifically this past August prompted AAA to remind drivers to perform regular tire checks prior to driving in hot conditions. Traditionally, August has been the most dangerous month for tire-related accidents on the nation’s highways.

“Tire-related accidents can happen at any time of year, especially when there are quality issues at play,” stated Brunswick personal injury attorney Nathan Williams. “Certainly, it didn’t help that this summer brought multiple days of extremely hot, dry conditions.”

Hot highway surfaces can create excessive friction when tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, or have a defect from poor bonding of tire components during the manufacturing process, which can cause the steel, brass, and rubber that hold the tread to the tire to separate.

“Drivers should be aware of tire recalls,” suggests Williams. “And if a driver experiences a tire blow out, it is extremely important that they save that tire so that it can be inspected to see the underlying cause of the incident, particularly if there was injury.”

Tractor-trailer tires must be able to withstand intense external and internal forces for extended periods of time. When a tire manufacturer uses subpar rubber and either cheap or defective materials, tires can become affected by moisture, heat and oxygen, which can result in separation and blowouts.

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