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Brunswick, GA (Law Firm Newswire) February 22, 2013 – New technology will allow cars more autonomy.

Toyota has announced that it is working on technology which would allow its cars and trucks to communicate with each other while on the road, and with the surroundings. In Japan, sensors have been installed along the test site and in multiple cars; the sensors send out information which will help avoid collisions. Through images that appear on a screen for the driver, alarms that sound and automated messages, the driver is alerted to potential dangers and advised to seek alternate routes and avoidance behaviors. The sensors in the car, and in the surrounding area, can detect pedestrians, other vehicles which may be in the driver’s blind spot, upcoming traffic lights and more.

“Any technology that can increase driver and passenger safety is worth pursing,” says Nathan Williams, Brunswick personal injury lawyer. “It will be interesting to see how well it works in real-world situations.”

Toyota has announced that it plans to further test the technology, starting with trafficked areas in Japan by 2014, and then on U.S. roads, if the tests in Japan go well. Developers are hopeful that the systems will help reduce the number of car accidents and car-pedestrian accidents that happen every year, particularly at crosswalks, highly-populated pedestrian areas and at traffic light intersections. The developers are focusing their technology in areas known for the highest incidents of collisions; drivers running red lights, rear-ending vehicles, and not seeing pedestrians as they attempt to cross the roadway.

Toyota is not the only car manufacturer working on sensors; competitor Nissan is developing technology to alert drivers, as well as systems that would alert a driver who may not react in time. Nissan is working on a better braking system, one which can sense an upcoming red light, the quick deceleration of another vehicle, and may even be able to determine that the driver is accelerating at an ill-chosen time, and not respond accordingly. Some of the newest in sensor technology has already been put in place in some luxury models.

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