Driver With Extensive Record Severely Injures Passenger In Rollover Accident

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 6 , 2013 – Underage drinking and driving is popular, but comes with significant consequences. The victim in this case was severely injured in a rollover accident.

“It’s stunning the number of people who choose to get into a car when the driver is obviously drunk. More often than not, it is the social pressure of shunning a ride from a so called ‘friend’ that makes the person hop in. This is one of the worst decisions someone could possibly make,” added Austin personal injury attorney Bobby Lee, of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas.

This case is a good example of a party of four, drinking up a storm, then all piling into one car to get a ride home. None of the occupants of the car got home that night. They were taken to hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries. One victim was ejected from the car as it rolled over when the driver failed to make a curve. She is still recovering from the accident that happened in 2011 and is trying to pay off over $90,000 in medical bills for a series of surgeries.

As it turned out, the drunken driver had an extensive record for a variety of offenses, including giving false information to the police, driving while suspended, underage drinking and several other traffic violations. The passengers in his vehicle that night knew he was drunk. In fact, they had all been drinking, to various degrees, that night.

“As a result of this accident, the man was charged with a fourth-degree felony; vehicular assault. There is a good chance the young woman who was so badly injured may file a personal injury lawsuit to try and recoup her medical expenses, lost wages, and perhaps even punitive damages, given the nature of the accident and the obvious negligence involved,” added Lee.

Cases like this are not easy, as often a jury regards someone who willingly gets into a vehicle with a drunken driver to be partially responsible for their injuries. In order to get a fair and equitable settlement or jury verdict, the victim needs to discuss her case with a capable, veteran personal injury lawyer.

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