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BLF Magazine - Revisiting Google Plus - April 2013



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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 18, 2013 – The latest issue of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, examines Google Plus’ role in marketing, the latest responsive web design, how to use the iPad use in the courtroom, the cloud-based software fermata, and more.

This month’s feature, “Revisiting Google+,” takes an in-depth look at Google Plus Search Plus Your World, the innovative intersection of Google’s search engine with its social media platform, and whether the hybridization has been a success. Barbara Atkinson looks at how this new way of integrating social media has changed the marketing landscape for law firms, and how attorneys need to approach their own social media efforts in order to stay relevant in today’s online marketplace.

In “Get Social: Google+ Communities,” BLF explores how attorneys can use search engine optimization and social media marketing to their own advantage

Justin Torres explains how “Responsive Web Design” can take advantage of the latest CSS to resize a firm’s website’s elements, making the site applicable whether it is viewed on a desktop computer, a large television displays, or a mobile device. Web design has changed, notes Torres; smart web designers know that responsive layouts take advantage of the latest CSS to resize the same HTML elements to appropriately fit desktop, large television displays, and mobile devices. Optimizing a website for clean, clear access wherever it is viewed should be an integral part of every firm’s online presence.

In “How To: Use Your iPad for Presentations and Exhibits,” Kerrie Spencer explains how the latest technology can work to make presentations and exhibits more portable than ever and easy to incorporate into the courtroom.

April’s Product Spotlight is on “fermata: Taking Legal Holds Into the Cloud;” Ryan Conley explains how this new cloud-based software application assists attorneys issue and manage legal holds, while software parent company cicayda is poised to introduce a series of e-discovery tools. fermata’s cloud-based location makes it highly secure, accessible only from a web browser, allowing an attorney to work from any computer.

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