Hospital Errors May Stand A Chance Of Becoming Obsolete




Little Rock, AR (Law Firm Newswire) July 19, 2013 – Without hospital errors, or fewer of them, patients would fare better medically.

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith

“Most hospitals in the U.S., face a never ending battle with medical mistakes, or hospital errors. Doctors and other professional staff are human. They make mistakes. Those mistakes may seriously injure or kill someone. It appears there may be a new method to prevent such errors, and it’s all in how you hold your hand,” explained Michael Smith, an Arkansas injury lawyer and Arkansas accident lawyer, who practices personal injury law in Arkansas.

A new approach involves a device that would identify an individual by their handprint and their previous medical records. It is launching in El Paso, Texas, and may well make its way to Arkansas, if the trial period proves to be as successful as expected. The technology uses infrared lighting to read vein patterns on a person’s hand. Patient Secure is being touted as a way to prevent medical errors, reduce or eliminate insurance fraud and protect patient information.

Patient Secure is a one-of-a-kind registration system for use in hospitals and it should speed up the patient registration process. “But most importantly, hospitals hope it will reduce the number of medical mistakes in their facilities. Currently, there are about 200 other medical institutions across the nation looking to harness this technology to protect their patients,” Smith added.

Most people who find themselves heading to hospital are concerned about potential safety issues, but if they were assured that checking in and checking out would become faster and their identify was virtually guaranteed as each hand print is unique, it may lessen their stress and anxiety. Much like the concept of fingerprinting, scanning a palm print correctly identifies an individual without any margin of error. “The other exciting aspect of this new technology is that if someone comes to a medical facility and is unconscious, their handprint speaks for them,” pointed out Smith.

For those that have the same or similar names, scanning a handprint solves the mystery immediately, thus reducing hospital errors. “Technology may play a new role in keeping hospital patients safe,” suggested Smith. “That can only be a good thing. No patient wants to go to hospital and be the victim of mistaken identity.”

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