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Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) August 16, 2013 – Border patrol statistics from Arizona show a jump of 13 percent over 2012 figures for a six-month period ending April 1.

“Border apprehension numbers are important to politicians, as they are tied to funding for border security. Crossing points that show a decrease are lauded as being effective. Points that show an increase are supposedly targeted for more funding, more security. Overall, the numbers are irrelevant, because traffic shifts from one crossing point to another on a frequent basis. It’s just the way it goes,” said Larry Rifkin, a Miami immigration lawyer and managing partner at Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff, with law offices in Miami, Florida and Orlando, Florida.

Even though the figures seem to cause a concern, since they have shot up since 2004, the reason they shot up is immigration migration, from one border-crossing to another. Arizona border traffic has dropped and shifted to Texas. In addition, many of those attempting to cross over the border to the USA are now coming from Central America and not just Mexico.

“Numbers beings what they are, they can be manipulated, and thus such numbers are hugely important to Congress,” indicated Rifkin. Conservative politicians only support reform if the border is secure. With numbers all over the map, and more people coming from other locations, this may dash any hopes of a compromise on immigration reform.”

The six-month tally for the first part of the 2013 fiscal year shows 189,172 arrests. That is high, but still low when other years are examined. For instance, in 2000, border apprehensions totaled 1.68 million. If this year is any indication, based on the first six months, apprehensions could be as high as 380,000. Since 2000, the numbers have fluctuated wildly, giving demographers and politicians pause for thought.

The burning question of the day in regard to immigration reform and border security is what makes the numbers vary so much? Immigration is the result of a number of things, but first and foremost, it is driven by the economic conditions of the country immigrants want to leave and by how secure a border-crossing happens to be. “Since Arizona’s apprehension numbers are down, they demonstrate a secure presence,” Rifkin added. Add in a flailing American economy and immigrants opt to stay home rather than leave a similar situation in their own country.

Border apprehensions are a function of cycles —- a cyclic economy at home and in the USA, a cyclic determination which border is easier to cross, cyclic birth rates and the immigrants exposure to urbanization in their own country. These cycles are inherent historically and remain in place even today. While immigration, legally and illegally still happens every day, the numbers are declining for now; until another change comes along to skew them.

“In reality, immigration reform needs to be dealt with, no matter what the numbers say. Those living in the shadows in the USA need to become a part of our great nation. We all need to address other humans, no matter where they came from, as citizens of mankind as a whole. There is no such thing as separate, but equal in terms of human rights,” said Rifkin.

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