The Bigger Law Firm magazine Looks At The Use of Video, Google Analytics, and the Cloud In The August Issue

Volume 22 - You Ought To Be In Pictures - August 2013



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Volume 22 - You Ought To Be In Pictures - August 2013

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) August 13, 2013 The August issue of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, looks at how attorneys are using video to enhance and expand their marketing efforts, explains how Google Analytics can help target leads and determine site pitfalls, charts how the Cloud can be instrumental in solving storage issues, tries out two new inbox management tools, explores Tumblr, questions if Google has banned press releases for SEO purposes, and maps out a system for managing firm leads.

Video production by individual lawyers and by all manner of law firms is at an all-time high. “You Ought To Be In Pictures: Branching Out Into Video Production for Online Marketing,” by Barbara Atkinson, examines how firms are using the increasingly popular visual tool to introduce their firms and their expertise to audiences and gives tips on how to get started.

In “Digging Deeper into Analytics: Event Tracking,” Ryan Conley explores how
Google Analytics can do much more than give users broad statistics about how many people visit or link to a site. There are a number of useful, targeted tools just waiting to be implemented.

In “Achieving Inbox Zero,” writer Kerrie Spencer explores two inbox management tools, Mailstrom and Mailbox, and compares which one best helps busy attorneys manage the burdens of an overwhelmed inbox.

August’s Product Spotlight, “Legal Workspace Wants to Take Your Firm into the Cloud,” by Brendan Conley, looks at how cloud-based law firm technology Legal Workspace provides access to applications and documents from any device, from the firm’s computers to a smartphone.

Writer Justin Torres breaks down how firms can ensure their site is code compliant in
“How To: Make Sure Your Site’s Code is Compliant.” A poorly coded site can be slow, explains Torres, and difficult to maintain. Poorly coded sites hurt search engine ranking and are vulnerable to exploits. Everything from responsive design to banner slideshows should be reviewed regularly to stay up-to-date, and newly released alternates should be explored as they become available.

In this month’s “Get Social,” Brendan Conley looks at why more firms are looking to utilize the concise, visually-oriented social media tool that is Tumblr, and what it can do for marketing efforts. “As the use of electronic social networks has exploded,” writes Conley, “the importance of word-of-mouth marketing has only increased.”

“Optimize Your Client Intake,” by Kristen Friend, shows how even a simple system to handle lead intake can make a huge difference in a firm’s bottom line. “Having a consistent process for lead intake is good business,” states Friend. “Do not judge the quality of a lead before you have taken the time to hear a person’s whole story.

Plus, the magazine comments on Google’s new controversial stance on press releases being used for link building. Have they banned this popular practice?

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