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Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 23, 2013 – There are many elder care options available for an older parent in declining health.

When an elder begins to need additional care, the question of how to provide it can seem overwhelming for the adult children who often take on the responsibility. While there are several options for elder care, there is no one simple answer, according to Waxahachie elder law attorney John Hale.

“The choice you make for elder care depends on individual circumstances,” said Hale. “Some factors you will need to consider are whether the home is still safe for the senior and what type of care your budget will allow.”

With an elderly parent who may be living with a serious illness or simply has trouble performing daily tasks, safety is the first concern. If someone is considering the options of their parent staying at home or moving into an assisted living facility, the elder’s preference is usually to stay at home. However, it can sometimes be difficult to assess whether the home is safe or not. They may wish to hire an expert such as an occupational therapist or geriatric care manager to make that determination and recommend changes, such as making physical modifications to the home, or bringing in a home health aide, or other assistant.

Of course, options are often limited by what someone can afford. If a parent purchased long-term care insurance, find out what options the policy will fund. Seniors’ homes are often their most valuable asset. The sale of a home can help fund a stay at an assisted living facility, and a home equity loan or reverse mortgage can defray the cost of assistance in the home. However, individuals should avoid mortgaging, selling or leasing the home without first seeking advice from an elder law attorney. Eligibility for government benefit programs, such as Medicaid, could be severely impaired or lost.

“Medicaid is not only for the poor,” said Hale. “If you are considering a nursing facility, there are ways to arrange your finances to become Medicaid eligible.”

Making a detailed budget for all your options should be part of the decision. While assisted living is expensive, in some cases it is actually the more affordable option. Full-time in-home care is also expensive, and some long-term care policies will help pay for assisted living, but not in-home care.

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