Gender Discrimination Case May Result In Job Reinstatement Notes Chicago Employment Lawyer

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) October 3, 2013 – Not all gender discrimination cases resolve with the plaintiff getting their job back. This case was an exception, as not all plaintiffs wish to return to work with the same people, in the same location.

“This gender discrimination case actually resulted in the plaintiff being reinstated as a firefighter, six years after she was maliciously dismissed as a result of filing a sexual harassment claim,” explained Timothy Coffey, a Chicago employment lawyer and principal attorney for The Coffey Law Office, P. C., an employment litigation firm dedicated to representing employees in the workplace.

The female firefighter was fired in 2007, with the town indicating she had been dismissed due to poor job performance. The woman disagreed and filed a lawsuit. During the course of the investigation into her allegations, it was found she had indeed been a victim of sexual harassment and had been maliciously fired by her harasser/supervisor —- a person in authority over the woman. Although there were many instances of harassment, the one that caused her to file a lawsuit was another member leaving the bathroom door open while he used the facilities.

Her reinstatement comes with full seniority, as part of the conditions of the settlement of the lawsuit. The agreement dictates that the town pay $800,000 and the insurance carrier settle up for $575,000. The woman’s former supervisor, and harasser, was also found liable to pay $75,000, as the jury found he acted with “actual malice” when he suggested she be fired from the job. The harasser is still employed with the fire department.

On the woman’s return to the station house, the quarters for on duty personnel will include a women’s restroom and sleeping area. The plaintiff indicated that the decision to sue was based on not wanting what happened to her to happen to any other female who wanted to live their dream.

“The takeaway in this case is that there are times when it is a difficult decision to stand up and be counted when it comes to stopping harassment and discrimination in the workplace. However, it can be done. Just make certain to hire an experienced employment lawyer to see the case through to a just conclusion,” Coffey added.

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