Nursing Home Abuse May Be Perpetrated In Different Forms Observes Michael Smith, Arkansas Injury Lawyer




Little Rock, AR (Law Firm Newswire) November 13, 2013 – One expects good care in nursing homes. The reality is often far different.

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith

“In this reported case of nursing home abuse, one of the caretakers told the police she gave all of her charges excellent care. The evidence said otherwise,” said Michael Smith, an Arkansas injury attorney.

When police with a search warrant raided the basement of an unlicensed nursing home in Marietta, Georgia they found plywood planking used for walls, sheets as ceilings, insects, rotting food, no bathing area and one toilet for six people. What law enforcement found resulted in felony charges of elder neglect and abuse.
This story unfolded in a strange way. The police first attended the residence of the care home owner, only to be barred at the door from entering by a care worker. A search warrant was obtained, and officers returned 36-hours later, but found no residents at the location and no sign of the owner.

“While the unlicensed nursing home’s owner did show up eventually, she maintained she provided her charges good care and took great pleasure in helping them. She just wanted to maintain her reputation in light of the charges she faced, which she felt were untrue,” added Smith. In the meantime, an arrest warrant was sworn out for the care worker/accomplice, who, when apprehended will face the same felony charges as the owner of the home.

Many think of nursing home abuse as involving such things as withholding medication, chemical restraints, rape, assault, financial abuse, improper medical care, improper hydration and other nursing home medical errors. In fact, many of the things perpetrated on America’s elderly in care do involve medical mismanagement, but they also include housing fragile seniors in dirty, dilapidated basements with little in the way of personal care and support.

“Our seniors deserve respect and care. By law, they must be cared for with dignity and due diligence. If you suspect something is wrong in a nursing home that you know about, speak to me. We will get to the bottom of the situation,” stated Smith.

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