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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) August 18, 2014 – Myriads of studies and scholarly articles chronicle the advantages of mediation versus litigation for families enduring issues involving their children. Evidence suggests that these benefits are realized as much for the child as the parents involved, citing that children involved in low-conflict custody and visitation issues experience less psychological difficulties than those involved in high-conflict disputes. Fueled by his desire to advocate for the rights and safety of children, the Honorable Michael Ian Bender, a former Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County and an attorney who concentrates in family law in Chicago, proudly announces the opening of Access Mediation Company in Chicago. Bender co-founded the new organization with Nancy Mynard, President of AMS DATA, Inc. and LEDDED Ltd.

“At the core of my work is a profound desire to help and protect children,” says Michael Ian Bender. “Throughout my tenure, I have witnessed firsthand the devastation contentious child related issues such as custody, visitation, child support, domestic violence, and child abuse can have on the mental and emotional well-being of the children. By offering affordable mediation we are undoubtedly helping the parents and, more importantly, the children involved.”

Access Mediation Company is an organization that helps parents resolve parentage disputes involving custody, visitation, child support, and college contribution disputes through mediation. An effective and affordable alternative to litigation, mediation helps individuals recognize their issues, reduce misunderstandings, determine each party’s respective interests and identify acceptable solutions for all involved. Mediation can assist families in determining the best solutions for their children, including custody, health care, education, visitation, and financial matters. With a sliding fee scale, Access Mediation Company is able to offer its services to families who otherwise may not be able to afford mediation.

A court-approved mediator in Cook County, Michael Ian Bender is proficient in and a proponent of mediation. In addition to co-founding Access Mediation Company, Bender serves as an attorney concentrating in family law at The Law Office of Michael Ian Bender in Chicago. The Law Office of Michael Ian Bender provides personalized legal guidance and support through all facets of family law, including: mediation, prenuptial agreements, divorce representation, child support and custody disagreements, paternity and parentage disputes, visitation agreements, and division of property. With a mission to end child abuse, he also represents minors in court by serving as a child’s representative, guardian ad litem, and attorney for the child in Cook County.

Access Mediation co-founder, Nancy Mynard is the president of AMS Data, Inc. Presently, she also is owner of a reputable drug testing organization, and President of LEDDED LTD., a family law oriented continuing legal education company. Prior to this field, she led Allied Respiratory Corp as a Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise focusing on providing medical equipment to children and seniors.

Access Mediation Company is located at 405 N. Wabash in Chicago. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 312-493-0260 or visit www.accessmediation.org.

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