Michigan Offensive Lineman Sentenced to Probation and Community Service in Drunk Driving Case




Attorney, Shaun R. Marks

Attorney, Shaun R. Marks

Flint, MI (Law Firm Newswire) August 22, 2014 – Graham Glasgow, a junior offensive lineman for the University of Michigan Wolverines, was sentenced to fines, probation and community service on drunk driving charges that stemmed from his arrest March 15.

Glasgow apologized before Judge Joseph F. Burke of the 15th District Court, saying that he made a mistake and let a lot of people down. Burke sentenced Glasgow to fines of almost $800, six days of community service and 12 months of probation. In addition, Glasgow must attend alcohol education classes. He must not drink alcohol and will have to speak to the MADD Victim Impact Panel. He will also be subject to random alcohol and drug tests. Glasgow could have faced 93 days in jail.

“The penalties for someone convicted of drunk driving offenses can be very serious, and it is important for anyone facing such charges to have legal representation,” said Shaun R. Marks, a Flint attorney who represents people charged with drunk driving offenses and who is not involved in Glasgow’s case. “Depending on the circumstances of the case, an experienced attorney’s representation can make it possible to have the charges or sentence reduced.”

On June 16, Glasgow pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while visibly impaired. At that time, he admitted to drinking 10 to 12 beers on March 15, then taking a nap for an hour before driving to downtown Ann Arbor from his home. Glasgow was pulled over that evening after a police officer saw a female passenger leaning out of the window of Glasgow’s SUV.

In court, Glasgow admitted to registering a blood alcohol content of .11 when he was arrested and a blood alcohol content of .13 at the police station. Glasgow was previously suspended by Michigan coach Brady Hoke from a portion of spring practice and the team’s August 30 game against Appalachian State.