Attorney Shaun R. Marks Engages With Harvard DUI Defense Course




Attorney, Shaun R. Marks

Attorney, Shaun R. Marks

Flint, MI (Law Firm Newswire) September 30, 2014 – Flint attorney Shaun R. Marks completed the National College for DUI Defense Summer Session at Harvard University Law School.

“The completion of the summer session on DUI defense at Harvard Law School adds another level of knowledge and ability to my successful practice,” said Marks, a Flint attorney who defends people accused of drunk driving. “I am committed to providing superior representation to people — who are often wrongfully accused of drunk driving — and I welcomed this opportunity to develop my skills further.”

The National College for DUI Defense is a national non-profit corporation that is certified by the American Bar Association and dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar in the often-complex area of DUI defense. 

The Summer Session at Harvard Law School provides criminal defense attorneys with seminars and skills sessions designed to develop their knowledge and experience in areas such as cross-examining expert witnesses, blood alcohol testing, making a connection with the jury and closing arguments.

“DUI defense has complexities that many people are unaware of, and it is essential for someone who is accused of drunk driving to be represented by an attorney who knows how to pursue every available avenue of defense,” said Marks. “It was invigorating and enlightening to gather together with the best DUI attorneys in the country to share our insights with each other.”

DUI Defense Law has been recognized as a specialty practice area by the American Bar Association since 2003, and the National College for DUI Defense has been accredited to certify attorneys in this area since 2004.