In League City, Suspected Drunk Driver Kills Six

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 17, 2014 – High-speed police chases almost always cause serious collateral damage. This Texas case is a prime example.

“This collision took place in League City and killed six. Three of the dead were part of a larger family, and so two young teens were left without a mother, father and brother,” recalled Bobby Lee, an Austin personal injury attorney not involved in the case. 

A suspected drunk driver rammed the family’s Honda Accord head-on while traveling at close to 100 mph. The driver and passenger fleeing police were killed along with a relative of the family in the Accord. The Dodge Durango’s driver, Juan Ahuezoteco, was wanted on a felony DWI warrant.

The chase lasted a mere 90 seconds, but it cost six people their lives. Even though police may have followed procedure to the letter, six people died during a chase officers sparked and pursued. “The clear dangers of high speed pursuits have been hotly debated for years,” added Lee. “It is obvious that when high speeds are involved, someone could be killed. This case is a clear realization of that concern in the worst possible way.”

Police had attempted to stop the Durango earlier in the evening. Ahuezoteco’s car was observed running without headlights and swerving erratically. When police approached the vehicle, Ahuezoteco fled. The ensuing chase involved speeds of up to 100 mph. 

The Durango hit its first car at the intersection of Ohio Avenue and Deats. There were no injuries involved in that crash, and the fleeing suspect continued to head north, running a stop sign and colliding with the Honda Accord, killing all six involved. The Durango then struck a utility pole and finally came to a stop.

Should high-speed chases be banned? Are more people at risk by giving pursuit or by letting the individual go?

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