New Development in Fatal Oklahoma Crash Points to Trucking Company Negligence

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Washington, D.C. (Law Firm Newswire) November 5, 2014 – Bloomberg News has revealed that several prescription drugs and a marijuana pipe were found in the bag of Russell Staley, the driver of a tractor trailer involved in an collision that killed four college softball players last month.

The softball team from North Central Texas College was on the road in Oklahoma, headed home from a game, when Staley’s vehicle veered across a 90-foot median into oncoming traffic and eventually colliding with the van.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesperson told Bloomberg reporters that Staley did not appear to be intoxicated at the scene. However, a medical expert commented in the article that two of Staley’s four prescription medications could produce fatigue.

“If fatigue is a known side effect of the driver’s regular medications, then you have to wonder if his company should have put him behind the wheel. Atthis point, the marijuana pipe may be less troubling than the prescription drugs,” said transportation accident attorney David Lietz of The Lietz Law Firm.

Staley was driving for Quickway, a Nashville-based company. Quickway’s CEO, William Prevost, has indicated that the company intends to cooperate with investigators.

In addition to the four players who lost their lives, at least one more player was critically injured. That player, Rachel Hitt, has filed a lawsuit against Quickway and Staley for negligence.

Staley claims that he was distracted when his vehicle crossed the 90-foot median.

“It is likely that we will see more lawsuits from the bereaved families as a result of this accident,” said Lietz, who is not involved with any of the cases. “A number of circumstances indicate that better caution and care could have saved these girls’ lives.”

The case mentioned is Hitt v. Quickway Transportation Inc. and Russell Staley. It was filed in the Tarrant County District Court and is case number 067-274841-14.