Veterans Disability Attorney Jim Fausone Criticizes New PTSD Standards

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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 10, 2014 – A recent report in U.S. Medicine indicated that some doctors are unconvinced by the new standards for PTSD diagnosis. According to these doctors, the new standards leave out a number of individuals who would clearly benefit from therapy for PTSD. In addition, these doctors cannot find any evidence that the new standard has any increased clinical validity.

Veterans disability attorney Jim Fausone, of Legal Help for Vetrans, PLLC, who helps veterans with PTSD gain service connection for their condition, says the standards are a step in the wrong direction.

“Just a few years ago, the Veterans Administration finally streamlined the process for getting more veterans into treatment for PTSD,” said Fausone. “Now, we are reversing course. I think we will see a ripple effect from this decision, with more veterans struggling with employment and homelessness as they are forced to go without treatment and benefits.”

U.S. Medicine reports that the National Center for PTSD has expressed concern, particularly over the status of individuals who would have met the old threshold for a PTSD diagnosis but do not meet the new one.

The principal concern is that subthreshold individuals are to be classified as having an adjustment disorder, which may bring a number of administrative problems from old rules and diagnostic codes that are still in place.

“The legal rights of these veterans, who would have been diagnosed with PTSD just a few months ago, may now be trampled because rules and diagnosis codes cannot be changed fast enough,” commented Fausone. “It looks like a real mess. Action should be taken to assure soldiers with mental health problems that they will not be lost in the administrative gaps.”

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