Delayed Diagnosis Results in Life-Altering Injuries Says Litigation Funding Corporation

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 26, 2014 – A delayed CT scan left a woman with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

“Victoria Stampler suffered from incredible abdominal pain in 2009. On treatment at the hospital, she underwent two different surgeries, one of which was a partial hysterectomy. Neither operation was successful in terms of alleviating her pain,” said Daren Monroe, a representative for Litigation Funding Corporation.

Her surgeon, Dr. Michael Draznik, did not order a CT scan despite indications she had a punctured bowel. The lack of scan results allegedly caused Stampler’s delayed diagnosis. A scan was finally done when she was seriously ill. Due to the delayed diagnoses, Stampler must use a walker for the rest of her life. She is unable to breath properly after losing 20 percent of her lung capacity. 

Stampler chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. During trial, it was revealed that Draznik had already been named in several medical negligence lawsuits, including one of a similar nature to Stampler’s case, in which he did not order a timely CT scan. Most of those cases were dismissed prior to trial and he won one case. But in this instance, the jury awarded $425,000 to Stampler’s husband for loss of consortium and $700,000 to Stampler herself.

Getting a case such as this to trial is often a very long process that involves many months or even years. During that period of time, the plaintiff and her family would still need to pay their regular monthly bills, as well as medical expenses and for ongoing care. It would be a tough battle to manage the bills.

“The perfect solution for the Stampler family may have been a lawsuit loan from a litigation funding company,” indicated Monroe. “Pre-settlement funding is ideal for cash-strapped plaintiffs and allows them to get caught up with all of their payments the instant their lawsuit loan arrives in their bank account.”
Although lawsuit loans may not be the ideal solution for every plaintiff in financially dire straits, it is worth checking into the process. Litigation funding has a number of very attractive benefits, including the plaintiff’s retention of the funding if he or she lose the case.

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