More Death, Deception Revealed in Faulty GM Ignition Switch Scandal

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Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) December 31, 2014 – General Motors (GM) has not changed its untrustworthy patterns of behavior, reports The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and many other news outlets.

According to the New York Times, GM made deliberate efforts to hide accident records in a seeming attempt to keep victims’ families from filing for compensation. The newspaper alleges that these activities occurred as late as November 2014, just six weeks before the deadline for families to file for compensation.

And the LA Times has highlighted news of company emails showing that GM acted in late 2013 to cover up the ignition switch problem without informing regulators or the public about the danger. According to victims’ lawyers, the emails may be the smoking gun needed to prove gross negligence on GM’s part.

“Right now, GM should be working to win back public trust, but these latest revelations make it obvious that the company is still focused on protecting profits first,” commented John Hale, a defective products attorney not involved with any legal action against GM. “If GM continues to engage in deceptive actions, they may be opening themselves up to even more liability.”

The New York Times piece focuses on the Averill family, who lost their mother, Jean Averill, in an unexplained car accident in 2003. Earlier this year, Averill was one of 13 fatalities that GM lawyers definitively linked to the ignition switch defect, but they hid her name in the publicly released report.

In early November, a reporter uncovered a non-redacted version of the GM report and contacted the family. The family has confirmed the report and is now scrambling to consider their legal options before the looming compensation deadline.

“After everything that these victims have been through, GM’s continuing deceptive conduct is simply outrageous,” said Hale. “It is good to know that many people – reporters, lawyers, lawmakers, victims’ advocates and victims themselves – are fighting back.”

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