BLF Magazine Illuminates Benefits of Client Portals in a Security-Conscious Legal World

Client Portals Efficient Secure Doorways for Communication



Client Portals Efficient Secure Doorways for Communication

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) January 2, 2015 – The newest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine provides attorneys and law firms with practical information on how rapid changes in technology are transforming online marketing. By adopting the methods and tools that BLF showcases, law firms will be able to keep pace with these technological and marketing developments — and pull ahead of the competition.

In BLF’s latest installment, James Ambroff-Tahan focuses on the sensitive issue of communication between firms and their clients. He addresses the current optimum means for conducting that communication in the article “Client Portals.” 

Communication between attorneys and their clients is inherently private. The modern-day business landscape, rife with security breaches, is a very real threat to a profession accustomed to the attorney-client privilege.

Attorneys and law firms must employ a secure online means of conducting business, but the old model that included security-vulnerable emails is out of date, explains Ambroff-Tahan. Client portals represent a safer and more efficient platform for communication. 

In 1999, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act imposed a legal imperative for the secure sharing of information, requiring organizations to encrypt clients’ personal information when sending it electronically,

While Ambroff-Tahan makes a compelling case for the relevance of client portals in an era where hacking can shake the foundations of the most mighty of corporations, he also stresses that the popular ascension of client portals has a less dramatic, more benignly beneficial basis. Indeed, the advantages of client portals can be seen on a daily basis when answering client questions, sharing documents with parties with a stake in a case, and managing staff, among other benefits.

Ambroff-Tahan’s article is one of several must-read pieces for attorneys and law firms in an evolving technological and marketing environment.

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