Improper Diagnosis Results in Medical Negligence Lawsuit

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) January 7, 2015 – A young football player, tackled by three others during a game, received head, hip and leg injuries in November 2014. The high schooler, from Gretna, LA., alleges that despite the fact he was knocked out, he was discharged from the local hospital with only pain medication and crutches.

Layne Punch arrived at the hospital and was diagnosed with a hip contusion and concussion. He expected that the medical personnel would do something to check out his concussion, particularly since he lost consciousness during the game. That did not happen. “Punch returned to the E.R. the day after he was sent home, reporting testicle pain and nausea. He was discharged again, after a short examination, and diagnosed with a contusion to his testicle,” explained Litigation Funding Corporation representative, Daren Monroe.

Pinch returned to the hospital just one day after being discharged a second time, still in pain. It was then when doctors discovered that due to the football scrimmage injury, blood flow to his testicle had been cut off, resulting in it becoming necrotic. The physician explained there was no chance to reverse the process or regain proper functioning in the testicle.

Punch filed a medical negligence lawsuit alleging the staff at the hospital failed to render proper and prudent medical care, misdiagnosed him, did not conduct a complete exam or a thorough exploration of the testicle and did not have proper guidelines in place to deal with such an injury. The suit seeks compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life.

“Three trips to the E.R. would certainly run up his medical bills,” said Monroe, “and the medications he needed would also have been expensive. What would have been shattering for the young man was finding out he lost function in his testicle. Even though a lawsuit would not help him to regain what he lost, it would assist his family with paying the medical bills.”

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