The First Bikram Choudhury Trial Goes to Court

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Sacramento, CA (Law Firm Newswire) May 1, 2015 – A series of six sexual harassment/assault cases that will rock the legal landscape over allegations against yoga guru Bikram Choudhury is set to begin in August. He allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed his young students.

The most difficult thing about these cases is that the plaintiffs revered Choudhury for his accomplishments and teachings. According to the statements of claims, he took advantage of multiple female students by sexually harassing or assaulting/raping them. Mr. Choudhury denies all such allegations, contending that he is faithful to his wife of 30 years and does not spend time alone with female pupils.

The most recent case, filed in March by the attorney representing all six women, alleges Choudhury raped a woman who had given him $10,000 to teach her his hot yoga technique so she could become an instructor. The course was slated to last nine weeks. Further allegations state that Choudhury began his harassment and assaults during the woman’s training course, continued to violate her throughout the years while she, after graduation, worked in his various studios, and even at his home in Los Angeles.

The victim held off filing a lawsuit, citing fear of retaliation from Choudhury by barring her from instructing at his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Such a move would have made it impossible for her to make a living. Her attorney filed her suit in California Superior Court in Los Angeles in early February 2015.

Another victim, whose case is scheduled for court in August, alleges that Choudhury told her that she must sleep with him to advance her career and that she would never win a yoga competition if she did not have intercourse with him.

The cases point out one glaring fact that we as a society should be more aware of and take action to stop: sexual harassment and sexual assault can and do happen to anyone, anywhere, at any age. The abuse of authority by people who commit illegal acts does not respect race, age or gender. Over 98 percent of such cases often go unreported and thus not prosecuted.

“Sexual harassment and assault are intimate violations of the most heinous kind,” says respected Sacramento, Calif. sexual harassment attorney, Deborah Barron. “Representing survivors to give them a voice is critically important to spread the word that sexual harassment/assault will not be tolerated in any form. If you are in a situation such as this one, you can talk to me.”

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