Thirteen Motorcycles and a Pickup Truck Involved in Deadly Crash

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) June 26, 2014 – This was one of the worst accidents police have even seen. Thirteen motorcycles and a pickup truck involved in a horrific crash.

“Texas is rife with motorcycle riders, largely because of our year round relatively good weather, the shaky economy, making a bike more cost effective and our large number of good highways. We are not immune to an accident such as this one taking place,” adds Bobby Lee, principal partner at Lee, Gober & Reyna, Austin.

The Oklahoma accident was the result of a Denali pickup truck driver, Fred Cox III, crossing the centerline and running into five of the 13-motorcycle cavalcade. One biker died at the scene and several others were seriously injured after the remaining eight bikers attempted to avoid the initial crash. The Denali driver was not injured in the accident.

The bikers were heading south, the pickup truck heading north. For unknown reasons, that pickup drifted into the south lane, hitting five motorcycles. Three were airlifted to the nearest medical central in Oklahoma City. Four others bikers were taken to a local regional medical facility by ambulance.

In 2012, 4,957 bikers were killed in accidents and per vehicle mile travelled, were 26 times more likely to die in a crash. In 2013, 4,668 motorcyclists died and accounted for 14 percent of all fatalities in the United States.

Did the pickup truck driver take his or her eyes off the road while texting? Was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Did the driver fall asleep behind the wheel? The complete story is likely to take time to come to light and accident reconstructionists are done with their graphs and projections.

“The one thing you need to know if you are involved in a motorcycle accident is that you need to connect with a competent motorcycle attorney as soon as possible to preserve accident scene evidence and begin to compile a court case. Find out your rights and what you may be able to recover in terms of compensation,” says Lee.

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