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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) July 1, 2015 – The most recent issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine focuses on client relationship management, and the ways in which software tools can bolster the ability to gain new clients and facilitate the intake process. With these strategies, attorneys have more time to focus on their practice.

In this issue, Ryan Conley discusses a variety of customer relationship management (CRM) tools that assist attorneys in strengthening their relationships with clients and obtaining referrals. He describes some of the small-scale CRM tools such as Gmail add-ons like Boomerang and Streak that help to improve the level of communication between attorneys and their clients.

In addition, he explains the CRM features of several law practice management (LPM) products that can help attorneys save time on administrative tasks by facilitating the processes of tracking time, invoicing and sharing documents. These applications are described as “cloud” software, or “software as a service,” also known as SaaS, which can be accessed through the internet.

BLF founder Jason Bland discusses the concept of Website as a Service, or WaaS, which is the process of keeping the design, content and framework of attorneys’ websites current. He stresses the importance of having website updates in order to constantly adapt to clients’ expectations. In so doing, websites will never be thought of as finished, but will forever be evolving.

Kristen Friend provides readers with an introduction to Google’s recent algorithm update, referred to as Mobilegeddon, which affects mobile searches. She explains several factors that affect the performance of different websites, such as page load speed, readability of pages and the ability of visitors to view all page elements.

James Ambroff-Tahan shares the importance of information governance, which is a method of managing, using and processing information in order to increase its benefits. Information governance should be used to combat the high cost of irrelevant data, to comply with changing regulations and to securely access data.

Kerrie Spencer offers insight into attorney locator applications, such as EmPower, which enables people to easily obtain information about attorneys. Justin Torres describes the latest version of HTML as a marked improvement over the previous one in that it simplifies code.

Brendan Conley highlights the advantages of using a product called Paper.li to create an online newspaper for a law firm’s website. And Kristen Friend encourages the use of hashtags on Twitter to create more exposure for a law firm.

Download Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Download Bigger Law Firm Magazine

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