BLF Magazine Publishes a Simple Guide to HTML 5 for Attorneys




San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) July 22, 2015 – The latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine offers cutting-edge analysis of technology issues relevant to law firms in the Internet age.

In this issue, Justin Torres examines HTML5, the latest version of the computer language used to create websites. This version was recently finalized and represents the first complete overhaul since HTML4 was finalized in 1997.

Torres starts by pointing out new, simplified “elements,” or discrete bits of code, that not only make the HTML language easier for humans to read, but also easier for search engines to distinguish between content and navigational elements.

New application programming interfaces, or APIs, represent great leaps in simplicity, security, and available features. The new audio and video tags allow site designers to embed media with as little as one line of code, eliminating the need for browser plug-ins such as Flash and all the security vulnerabilities they entail.

Torres touches on a number of other APIs: The canvas element allows the user to manipulate images within a website; Scalable Vector Graphics greatly increase load speed for simple images; web storage allows the browser to store data for offline use; and server side validation eases form submissions by validating data before it is submitted. And Torres wraps up with an explanation of how the latest version of cascading style sheets, CSS3, gives websites visually striking features that perform reliably on displays of all sizes.

Each article in the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine is full of accessible information to help attorneys and law firms understand how the latest technology affects their practice.

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