Lawsuit Filed for Wrongful Death by Defective TRT Product

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) July 21, 2015 – Benjamin B. Reade Sr., an AndroGel user, died of a fatal heart attack possibly linked to a defective testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) product. The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by widow Laura Reade, is part of a much larger litigation effort involving over 1,000 cases being heard in Illinois dealing with alleged defective product AndroGel TRT, made by AbbeVille.

The lawsuit, like others of its kind, seeks compensation for loss of consortium, companionship, income, wrongful death and a number of other allegations dealing with the supposition that TRT caused serious heart conditions to develop, thus increasing the risk of a cardiovascular event.

“The lawsuit alleges that soon after Laura Reade’s late husband started taking AndroGel in March 2013, he sustained a significant pulmonary embolism that caused a fatal heart attack in May 2013. Cases filed in Illinois deal with similar issues,” said representative Daren Monroe, of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan.

Testosterone products at issue, aside from AndroGel, include: Axiron, Fortesta, Delatestryl, Testim, Testopel, Striant, Depo-Testosterone and Androderm.

Testosterone therapy, marketed under various brand names, was supposed to be helpful for older men suffering from low testosterone levels, or Low T. The advertising suggested it might assist with lower libidos and lower energy levels. “In reality, the product was approved for treating hypogonadism, which is not related to aging,” said Monroe.

The Food and Drug Administration is now looking into the safety of TRT based on a report that found a significant rate of increased heart attacks sustained by males over 65 and younger with pre-existing heart issues. The study also called for specific warning labels for AndroGel and other related products.

“Cases such as this do take a long time to get to court, and plaintiffs may want to consider applying for litigation funding to help them pay their bills while they wait,” Monroe said.

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