Medical Negligence and Elder Abuse Possible Cause of Harriet Randel’s Death

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) July 15, 2015 – The sudden death of 93-year-old Harriet Randel was thought to be simply the result of old age. An anonymous letter received by the victim’s family suggests that was not the case.

Harriet Randel was living at the Palm Village Retirement Community in Reedley, California, before she died in the ICU in November 2014. On the day of Randel’s burial, the family received a shocking letter in the mail. “Randel’s son, Terry Anderson, was tremendously shocked by the information it contained,” said Litigation Funding Corporation representative, Daren Monroe.

The family took Randel’s death very hard. She had raised four children, and enjoyed several grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

When Randel’s son received a phone call from the hospital and discovered his mother was in the ICU, he barely made it to her bedside in time to say goodbye. A week later, on the day the family had made peace with their loss at Randel’s memorial, they received an anonymous letter outlining the disturbing incidents that occurred at Randel’s nursing home leading up to her death.

The missive said there had been at least two instances prior to her death of Randel complaining of being unwell, and at least two other occasions when a night nurse would not assess her and chastised staff for bothering her with information regarding Randel’s state. Four hours later another nurse came on duty only to discover Randel was unresponsive. She never regained consciousness.

Allegations such as elder abuse and neglect are serious and could result in the nurse in question losing her license.

”Randel’s family might wish to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit and also checking into litigation funding to help them pay medical and funeral expenses relating to their mother’s death,” Monroe said. “A lawsuit loan would help them handle all of their usual and extra expenses at a time when they are overwhelmed and struggling to cope with a life without their mom.”

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