CBS News Exclusive: Charlie Hill Interview

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Santa Fe, NM (Law Firm Newswire) August 13, 2015 – Charlie Hill is appearing in an exclusive interview at 7:30 am EST today on “CBS News This Morning” with journalist, Margaret Brennan, to an audience of 7 to 10 million.

As part of CBS News’ coverage of the opening of the American Embassy in Cuba this week, Mr. Hill’s interview with Maragret Brennan will discuss the following:

–How COINTELPRO and US government abuse and misconduct forced him to flee the United States in 1971.

–How he has spent his life in Cuba since 1971, working for social justice, the poor and the dignity of his people.

Mr. Hill, an African-American political activist, is wrongfully accused of killing a New Mexico police officer and hijacking a plane from Albuquerque to Havana in 1971. Senator Udall, Congressman McNerney and Governor Martinez have recently violated his right to due process, fair trial and the presumption of innocence by describing him as a “terrorist” and “cop killer” in their letters to the Obama Administration calling for his extradition.

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