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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 7, 2015 – The latest issue of The Bigger Law Firm magazine (BLF) explores several tools law firms can use to improve their online outreach to clients. In the issue, Brendan Conley reviews, a news aggregation site that can help law firms, as well as other businesses, find and share the right content.

Conley outlines some of the biggest content marketing needs of law firms: Content must be topical and in plentiful supply, while also of high quality and of interest to readers. All content creation and social media use must be done with an eye to search engine optimization.

Robo-journalism, or automated tools for content marketing, can be a valuable tool for many law firms, writes Conley, and is one such program. allows users to create a customized online newspaper based on news feeds and Twitter accounts that the user follows. The result is a readable online newspaper that updates regularly. Each article includes a photo and brief excerpt, as well as hotlinks to the source site. Users can customize their page as desired with the program’s drag-and-drop interface. This can keep law firms up to date on the latest, most shareable news.

Conley discusses the potential applications of for law firms. A firm may use the program to create its own online newspaper, which could help the firm become a trusted news source and position itself as an expert in the field. However, Conley notes that law firms need to continually maintain their page, reviewing pieces before publication to ensure that the site is up to par. Law firms who do not choose to run a site through can still benefit by becoming contributors, which can result in a wider readership.

The most recent issue of BLF includes several other pieces about how law firms can improve their online marketing efforts.

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