Will John Boehner Overcome Republican’s Resistance to Immigration Reform?

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Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 3, 2015 – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner stated during his recent visit to Ireland that he is going to make immigration reform a top priority. His remarks, given his previous refusals to bring the topic to a vote, may be construed as placating and conciliatory.

“Immigration reform has been a gleam in many a politician’s eye since the first attempt at making it happen,” said well-respected Houston immigration attorney, Annie Banerjee. “Due to the nature of politics, though, not much has happened other than quick patches to appease certain segments of the voting populace. It is surely a start in the right direction, but the reality is immigration reform is still on stall.”

Boehner has suggested in recent speeches that he may still take a run at the naysayers within the ranks of his own party in order to move things forward. This begs the question of why he has not yet taken action to do so.

At best, immigration reform may face yet another grand debate by a newly elected government down the road. At worst, it may remain the way that it is right now: a highly cumbersome, badly broken system that neither party can agree on. Leaving it broken means the victims currently trapped within its four corners are to remain there until an immigration attorney helps them through the maze. Those not yet in the system then face the same arduous and almost never-ending journey when they attempt to fulfil their dream of living in a new homeland.

“We have heard much of what Mr. Boehner has to say these days many times before, but nothing was done. Does that mean immigration reform is doomed to spend its time being fought over with the next President? What happened to the commitment to change? Personally, when it comes to immigration reform, I will be happy if I see it,” said Banerjee.

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